On its first conference Bul Trans Cars placed the problems of the Bulgarian car transporters

During the cluster’s first national conference it became clear that the Bulgarian car transporter park counts 624 units with average age of 12 years.

The association of Bulgarian car carriers Bul Trans Cars held its first national conference, which presented some of the problems encountered in their work, as well as the cluster’s goals and objectives.

Among the main issues is the lack of harmonization of maximum lengths of car transporters in different EU countries, where they wary widely. The request is for a loaded length of 20.75 m, which would facilitate the work of the transport companies and increase the transport efficiency.

The lack of balanced laws and regulations with the countries outside EU is the second issue. In order to achieve an agreement with Turkey, which would open the doors of the Middle East for the Bulgarian companies, the association intends to work with the Ministry of Transport. The main problems of the entire transport sector were also pointed out – the minimum wage rate law in Germany, the entrance fuel fee in Iran, etc.

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Second Regional Conference of Bull Trans Cars cluster

The following topics were overviewed:

Car transporter’s maximum loaded lengths legal framework – state of play.

Reviewed were the economic, infrastructural and environmental advantages of increasing their maximum dimensions. The participants were briefed on Bulgarian position to support the campaign for the EU unification of maximum loaded length at 20.75 m.

The ECG representative made a detailed review of the current state of play and the achievements of the sector and the Commission, and also future actions and expected results.

The discussion outlined the issues regarding the maximum loaded length regulations of the specialized transport of cars and were discussed their main directions of development.

An agreement was reached between the representatives of the transport sector and the State Automotive Agency that the maximum length extension benefits the sector and poses no threat to the road infrastructure, so Bulgaria would support the proposal.


Third Regional Conference of Bull Trans Cars cluster

The following topics were overviewed:

The employment situation in the transport sector and the views of the state to address the problem of the lacking interest in the car transport driver profession, causing chronic shortages of properly qualified staff. Identified were some of the necessary measures to address this chronic problem for the whole sector in Europe.

The representative of the Bulgarian Association of Transport Organizations in Bulgaria (BASAT) made detailed preview of association’s activities and outlined the possible forms of cooperation and development of the existing training methodology in their professional training center.

The discussion outlined the complex issues and the negative impact of the shortage of professional drivers. Possible ways of addressing the issue were discussed.

The participants agreed on the conclusion that solving the HR problems in the car transport sector is impossible without the joint efforts of the state, represented by Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of Education and Science and the private sector, represented by its trade and professional organizations.